King’s Karate Tournament Winners 2019

We attended Mr. Kings tournament on Monday, March 24, 2019
2 Black Belts and 2 students competed our Black Belts judging and supporting our competitors.
The 4 competitors won a total of
10 trophies
1 medal

Mrs. Chee-Haiser
Won-Grand Champion in Kata
Miss Kennedy
Won – Grand Champion in fighting
Mr. V. LuCante
Won 1st in Kata
Won 2nd in fighting

Thank you to all our Black Belts that attended and help make this possible.
Congratulations everybody and thank you to all that attended.
The house Mr. Chirico built remains” THE HOUSE OF CHAMPIONS”


Black Belt receives promotion Congratulations Mr. Sanders!

This past Monday, October 1st 2018,
Mr. Sanders was promoted to Roko Dan 6th Degree Black Belt.
It’s an honor to be at the dojo on such an occasion!

Mr. Sanders Roko Dan
6th Degree Black Belt

Congratulations – Four Black Belts received promotions Monday

We were honored with all who came to the dojo
Congratulations to our Black Belts

Mrs. Haiser to Roko Dan 6th Degree Black Belt
Miss. Braun to Go Dan 5th Degree Black Belt
Mr. Flores to San Dan 3rd Degree Black Belt
Mr. Jones to Ni Dan 2nd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Netta 8th Degree Black Belt Promotion

Congratulations Mr.Netta, on your great achievement. Your promotion is well deserved; it is an honor to train at your dojo.

Congratulations on your Promotion to 8th Degree Black Belt; Hachi Dan