After 50 years in the martial arts Grand Master Shihan Chirico passed the operation and direction of Chirico’s School of Karate (now Netta’s Martial Arts) to one of his most loyal, dedicated and knowledgeable Black Belts Mr. Netta.

Mr. Netta has been a Black Belt for over 25 years. Mr. Netta continues to teach the Isshin Shorin Ji Ryu Okinawa Te Karate System as taught to us by Shihan Chirico. We believe that the martial arts are more than a sport. Martial Arts is an art form that tests not only mental perseverance, determination, and patience. These results are obtained by positive attitude, discipline, and respect, not only towards others but for ourselves.

This is not a race to become a Black Belt, it is about the journey to our goals both long term and short term. This is why we persist on being focused on learning the art of Karate as well as being a positive role model for our students and our communities. We are a family, a family of Champions! We look forward to training with you and/or your children on a consistent basis.

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